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Jackie and Alexandra

Alexandra and I met briefly at a party when we were in our early twenties and shortly afterwards when I arrived at my new job at L’Oreal I found that she was already working there!  We have been great friends ever since.

We worked in the designer fragrance division which was an amazing place to learn about the creating and marketing of high quality products and the importance of attention to detail.  It was also a great place to learn about how a business works….something that would come in very useful later on!  

Then Alex lost her favorite hairbrush and in trying to replace it discovered that it was impossible to find a brush which had good quality natural bristles but that was also bright and interesting to look at.  She came to me with the idea of creating a range ourselves.  Rock & Ruddle was born!

Now three years since we launched we are selling our beautiful hairbrushes to department stores, hair salons and hairdressers both here in the UK and internationally.  

Every day brings new challenges but we love it!  

And we hope you will love your Rock & Ruddle hairbrush too.  

Happy brushing!

Jackie and Alexandra

Heart I love my brush